About Us

We don’t inherit our world from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children

     -  David Brower

With the fast-paced deterioration in the environment, the need of the hour is to adopt a more sustainable life. Energy generation through renewable energy can go a long way in the same. SafEarth was created so that the envisaged dynamic shift from non-renewable to renewable resources actually happens, to mark the beginning of the revolution that’ll ensure the safety of our mother Earth.


We at SafEarth, have dedicated our lives’ work, effort and toil in ensuring the above. With tedious and crunching researches to guide our paths, SafEarth has developed a variety of products that are sure to bowl you over, not just by the services and features that they provide but also by the thoughtfulness behind it all. SafEarth is using various technologies to increase the efficiency of deployment of solar power plants. Considering Solar as our main focus, we at SafEarth are striving to make Solar energy as the main energy repository well suited for every kind of energy-related dependency. Keeping in mind the best interests of only the customers at heart, we strive to provide to make you meet your principled aspirations with no partiality towards any of the installers.

Why SafEarth?

You must obviously have questions regarding 'why SafEarth is better than the rest?’

Following are the perks why you must choose us to be your confidante if you too believe in making the world a better place for our children:


  • High Quality: Ensures that you get top-notch quality products and services available in the market.
  • Economical: Ensures that you get the best price for the equipment that you have chosen.
  • Data-driven: Powered by data, the platform ensures that only the best solutions survive. There is no place for pre-order conceived and ill-conceived notions.
  • Timely Process: While buying solar is a tedious and lengthy process, SafEarth ensures that you can avail your product within an optimized time period.
  • Hassle-free: Access and purchase the best-in-town equipment without any hassle.
  • Overheads Reduction: Our system completely removes the overheads that you incur while purchasing solar which otherwise completely mars the entire experience for you.
  • Transparency: Our system strives to bring transparency for you to make the best decisions that suit your requirements.
  • Trustworthy: We promise what we will deliver and we deliver what we promise. We value our clients and ensure that we serve them with the best possible equipment as well as experience.

General Challenges regarding solar installations

Today there a lot many solar companies that vie to woo you over with their products. However, how much ever accomplished their products tend to be, they often tend to post the following challenges and this is how we at SafEarth combat them.

❖ Quality

Often consumers find themselves cheated with sub-quality products while having received promises of getting the best. Safearth ensures that you get the best value for your money along with immense satisfaction about the quality of the product. With 35,000 different installers in the country, every installation is a different story altogether. This makes it difficult to judge of how good the installer might be unless you’re on the receiving end of the same. With SafEarth, you can relax, adjust your recliners and be assured that the services that you get are the best and of the highest quality possible.

❖ Pricing

The pricing of the solar is volatile and expensive. A standard user, however penchant his need for energy conservation, may not be able to afford such an extravagant pricing and constant thoughts about being on the receiving end of the wrong deal might plague him. We at SafEarth ensure that you not only get the best-in-the-market solutions to satiate the inner conservationist in you, but also your principles don’t cost too heavy on your pocket.

❖ Timing

The processing of installing solar panel is bit lengthy and complicated. Our system ensures to optimize your procurement time.

How we work

For the aforementioned issues, we have devised innovative and impressive plans that draw inspiration from existing technologies, thus enabling you to deal with your problems in a tech-savvy method.

Site Assessment- We assess the site thoroughly and properly so that we know what exactly do you need. We create a Detailed Project Report on the same and share it with you for your confirmation.

Data Analytics- By employing data analytics, we not only identify the best installer on the basis of work and quality but also ensure that the best solar facility is provided to you on the basis of your requirements and comfort levels.

Reverse Auction- The DPR is then shared with selected installers in order to share the required knowledge with them. We then hold an online bidding for you, so that you can avail the facilities of the best installers available at the best pricing. Best bid Identification- Apart from price, other pros and cons are then discussed with you so that you can take the final call in terms of choosing the right installer for your solar plant.

Quality Assurance- Our team ensures that the 108 point quality assurance checklist prepared by our experts are met with to provide you with top quality structures.