FAQs – Vendors:

1) How can I bid for a particular project?

If you match the bidding requirements shared by the customer, then we will invite you to the bidding. You can bid once you accept the bid invitation.
If you were not invited for a particular bidding, then you would need to request an invitation. The admin will then evaluate your profile and either accept or reject it.
A dual acceptance is a must to bid on any project.

2) How do I submit a new bid?

To submit a new bid, simply go on the projects page and click on ‘Bid Now’. Only if admin has accepted or invited you to bid can you bid for a project.

3) How do I monitor a project I am bidding on?

You can monitor a project that you are bidding on from the home page or the particular project page. If you are bidding on multiple project at the same time, the home page is the most convenient place to monitor the same.

4) How do I submit a conditional bid?

When you submit a bid, the same is taken as a final offer. However, if the bid is subject to certain conditions, you can mention the same in the comments segment and the same will be treated as a conditional bid.

5) How do I verify the details shared in the site visit report?

The site visit report can be verified by Selected Vendors for accuracy. Before the sign off meeting with customers, SafEarth will set up a date for site visit for a particular project when your team can visit the site and verify all the particular details of the report.

6) How do I protect my trade secrets from competitors on the SafEarth platform?

No vendor can see the bidder details of any other bid. Hence, no vendor finds out who bid what. This helps you in ensuring that your bids are in complete secrecy and no information pertaining to your bid is released to the market.

7) Does SafEarth also do EPC?

No, SafEarth does not do EPC nor does the company have any financial positions in any EPC company. SafEarth only operates and manages the SafEarth platform which allows SafEarth to create unbiased EPC opportunities for it’s vendor communities.

8) How can I procure components through the platform?

Please drop the SafEarth team a message and the team will connect with you to meet those requirements.

9) How many bids can 1 vendor submit for a particular project?

A vendor can submit as many bids as he/she wants.

10) How many projects can 1 vendor bid on?

A vendor can bid on as many projects as they want.

11) Can I rebid/edit my bid?

No, you cannot edit your bids. You can submit a new bid with the corrections and that would be taken into account. Hence, we recommend that you double check before submitting a bid.

12) If I sign a project but cannot execute it, then what?

If your bid is accepted and you cannot execute the project, then you have to pay a penalty equal to the difference between your bid and the next lowest bid to the customer.